USB Thumb Drive (With 30 Messages)

Essential resources for all Christians.

This USB /OTG Thumb Drive contains 30 core mp4 video teaching messages by Derek Prince. Can be viewed on a PC, Smart Phone or Smart TV.

Format: USB Drive
Language: English
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USB /OTG Thumb Drive containing 30 mp4 video teaching messages by Derek Prince from our 30x13 Project. Can be viewed on a PC, Smart Phone or Smart TV.

  • Founded on the Rock
  • The Authority and Power
  • Through Repentance to Faith
  • Faith and Works
  • Doctrine of Baptisms
  • Immersion in the Holy Spirit
  • Transmitting God's Power
  • At the End of Time
  • Resurrection of the Dead
  • Eternal Judgment
  • Release from the Curse Part 1 + 2
  • Why Israel?
  • How to Identify the Enemy
  • How to Expel the Enemy
  • Receive the Holy Spirit
  • Interpreting & Prophesying
  • Gifts of Power & Revelation
  • How to Apply the Blood
  • The Exchange at the Cross
  • Invisible Barriers to Healing
  • The Structure of Satan's Kingdom
  • The Nature of Witchcraft
  • The Spirit of Antichrist
  • The Church's Victory
  • Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship
  • The Power of Proclamation
  • God's Word - Your Inexhaustible Resource Part 1 + 2
  • The Two Harvests

Some Information about this USB/OTG 8GB Thumb Drive:

  1. This is preloaded with 30 Derek Prince teachings.
  2. The contents are write protected (cannot be erased) and partition cannot be formatted.
  3. The OTG can be inserted onto your Android smartphones directly. For older models, you would need to install OTG app to read/play the files via OTG port. For some phones, you may need to reboot your phone (after plug in the OTG thumb drive) before your phone can read/play the video files.

You can Google on OTG for your specific smartphone models. This OTG cannot be inserted into iPhone or iPad. For iPhone/iPad, please use iTunes to transfer videos to your iPhones via USB port of your computer. Alternatively, you can download software like Sync IOS ( to transfer videos. You can play the videos on your computer via USB thumb drive.

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Available Languages: English
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