Authority and Power of God's Word

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Both the Bible and Jesus Christ are identified as the Word of God. Learn how Jesus endorsed the authority of Scripture and to use God's Word as a two-edge sword yourself.

The Bible is God's written Word; Jesus is God's personal Word. Our relationship to one determines our relationship to the other.

When considering the word authority, we need to recognize that its root word is author. Only the author can vouch for the authority of his writing. So, too, must we consult with the Authority, the Holy Spirit, if we wish to know:

  • the attitude of Jesus to the Old Testament
  • how Jesus endorsed the authority of Scripture
  • the many ways Jesus' life fulfilled Scripture
  • God's Word as a two-edged sword
  • eight effects of God's Word

This booklet series takes you through the central truths of the gospel as presented in Hebrews 6:1–2. This is the second segment of that teaching.

Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Spiritual Growth
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Available Languages: English
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