Bible Psychology: Spirit and Soul

Format: CD
Language: English
Volume: Volume 1 (What God's Mirror Reveals)
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Volume 1 (What God's Mirror Reveals)

Only the mirror of Scripture can reveal to man his own inner nature and restore true harmony.

Four Part Series:

  • Preparation For Praise
  • Triune Man At Creation
  • Man's Spirit: Before And After Regeneration
  • The Nature Of The Regenerated Spirit

Study notes included.

Volume 2 (Achieving Inner Harmony)

The tabernacle and its furnishings are inspired patterns which reveal the God-ordained functions of spirit, soul and body.

Four Part Series:

  • Functions of spirit, soul and body
  • Relationship between believer's spirit and soul
  • The Tabernacle: a pattern of spirit, soul and body
  • God's provision for the believer's body

Study notes included.

Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Christian Living
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Available Languages: English
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