Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose

Get out from under the curse and live under God's blessings

Are you continually frustrated by sickness, financial pressure, strained relationships or other struggles that just won't go away? Learn how you can find freedom from curses. Includes Bible study guide

Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Do you know what forces are influencing your life day-to-day?

Are you or your family experiencing repeated sickness or accidents? Do you feel under mental, emotional or financial pressure? Are your closest relationships in turmoil? Do you wonder why success comes easily to others but seems to elude you?

Bible teacher, Derek Prince, shows how the forces behind blessings and curses might be at work in your life. Drawing from God's Word and real life experiences, Derek will help you understand the causes of curses - occult activity, hidden sin, abuses, abandonment, even sin from a previous generation - and teach you how to be set free from curses, so you can start enjoying the benefits of God's blessings.

More than 1.6 million readers have received life-transforming spiritual insight from this groundbreaking book. In this expanded edition, each chapter is followed by a study lesson - for yourself or for a small group - with review questions, a life application section and a memory verse.

With Derek Prince's help, you can experience freedom from problems that have frustrated you for years and enjoy the destiny God planned for you.

Customer Reviews:

"Amazing! Loved it! It took longer to get through but I did all of the study guide and really tried to journal as much as I could to really understand and apply what was being taught."

"An eye-opening book! Derek Prince uses Scripture (both Old and New Testaments) to highlight the existence of both blessings and curses. But rather than leave us there, Derek shows how curses can be revoked and their power annulled."

"If you have never dealt with the curses on you and your family, then this is a must-read. You will be set free by applying this to your life."

"I loved this book! It was eye-opening and challenging. God brought it to me at just the right time in my walk. Highly recommend for all believers!! And non-believers for that matter!!"

Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Spiritual Warfare
Study Level: Intermediate
Available Languages: English, Amharic, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Turkish
Pages: 404*
Product Code: BK-B056-300-ENG
Related ISBNs: 9781782637707 | 9781782637714 | | 9781782637905 | 9781782630340
SKUs: B56, eB56, B56AH, B56AR, B056FAS, B56RUS, B56TU
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