Derek Prince - A Biography

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This biography stirs your faith as you discover Derek's biblical wisdom and insight as well as his legacy as a father, prophet, teacher, and leader.

Also available as an abridged audio book, read by Stephen Mansfield.

God is faithful When Stephen Mansfield asked Derek Prince what was the most important truth he had learned about life, Derek answered, "God is faithful. He keeps His word. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. I cannot emphasize this enough. It is the greatest truth of my life: God is faithful." This biography stirs your faith as you discover Prince's biblical wisdom and insight as well as his legacy as a father, prophet, teacher, and leader. As you read the story of Derek's truly remarkable life and ministry - which has led to an international organization providing Bible teaching in more than sixty languages, reaching six continents, every time zone and 120 nations - you will marvel at God's faithfulness and the truth of Derek's words. In the same way God used Derek's life, be inspired by this book and allow God to use your surrendered life to draw more meaning and purpose from it than you can possibly imagine. "Derek Prince ministered the Word of God as no other single Bible teacher of our generation. His Bible insights and his deep commitment to the Holy Spirit has left us a deep and lasting legacy." Colin Dye, Senior Minister, Kensington Temple "This book will be a particular inspiration to those who value and respect the life and teaching of Derek Prince. For those unfamiliar with the great saint, it could introduce them to a new hero!" Lyndon Bowring, Chairman, CARE

Customer Reviews:

"A well written and easy to read book. His time spent in Israel (he was there at the creation of Jewish state) and his love of Israel are of particular interest. The book was produced by Derek Prince Ministries after his death but it is a warts and all account of his life."

"...The obvious rapport built up between author and subject has resulted in this God-breathed book that gives a moving insight into this man’s walk with God. Prince was very open when interviewed by Mansfield and chose to include all details about his life; this only adds to the poignancy of his story as we learn of both the triumphs and tragedies of his life. The was book was moving at times, particularly in its demonstration of the grace of God in Prince’s life as he was used to bring the saving word of God to many thousands of people over many decades of teaching. Author, Stephen Mansfield, has done an excellent job in writing the life story of this remarkable man; in the mercy of God the final interviews took place only a short time before Prince’s death."

"Fascinating story of a remarkable man. The author does a great job telling the unusual story of Derek marrying a woman 20 years older than well as completing the story. He never leaves you hanging. Kudos to the author."

Abridged Version

Now you can listen to an abridged version of Derek’s compelling life story and discover the spiritual lessons God taught him during a lifetime of faithful service. Read by the author Stephen Mansfield.

Select either CD or MP3 format.

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