If You Want to Hear from God

They had to deal with unsuspected barriers.

Derek and Ruth Prince were looking for God’s direction during their sabbatical. But God's agenda for them was altogether different than anticipated.

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God's agenda for Derek and Ruth Prince's sabbatical was altogether different than anticipated.

Derek describes unsuspected barriers that had to be dealt with before they could receive God's direction.

Customer Reviews:

"Thank you Derek Prince you have been sent to help me in the questions I just had God bless you more thank you again."

"Very, very good! Do Listen!!!"

Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Spiritual Warfare
Study Level: Intermediate
Available Languages: English
Product Code: MA-4341-100-ENG
Number of Discs: 1
Related ISBNs: 651519844649 | 651519847800
SKUs: CD4341, MP4341

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