Judging: When? Why? How?

Most Christians aren’t sure that they should judge anything, while others feel responsible to raise a moral standard but don’t know how much authority they have. This book explains who is authorized to judge, when judgment is called for, and why our attitude matters.

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Judging is one of the most difficult problems facing all Christians, but paying careful attention to these comprehensive principles offers a satisfying solution.

Some passages of Scripture say, "Judge", while others say, "Don't judge." Most Christians aren't sure that they should judge anything-others feel responsible to raise a moral standard, but don't know how much authority they have. Derek Prince cuts through the apparent conflict to explain:

  • WHO is authorized to judge?
  • WHEN is judgement called for?
  • WHAT are we authorised to judge?
  • WHERE are the limits?
  • WHY does our attitude matter?

In a world that turns its back on God while crying, "Don't judge me," Derek Prince weighs in with a scriptural affidavit for sound judgement.

Customer Reviews:

"Very very insightful, Great Book, helped me in my prayer life. Derek has a way of writing things in the simplest of way for anyone to understand and also references scriptures for one to find for themselves. I will recommend this to anyone who would like to understand prayer and know how and what to pray."

"This book holds true to its title Judging, when? why? and How? where ever the bible talks about judging we need to use the correct context to understand the judgment. Should I judge? is it for the Church or God to judge. is a judgement that will take place now on earth or at the Judgment seat of Christ? There are not many other books that speak on this subject in detail as this book, its format is easy and fast to read through. the format is great to break into lessons."

"A very useful book. Derek Prince briefly explains the principles and benefits of speaking out God's Word into our situations, making it a very practical guide. It fits into even the smallest of handbags. I can read it on the bus and meditate on God's Word, try to memorise key scriptures etc - instead of filling my head with what's in the newspaper! There are categories of proclamations i.e. Serving God and Emotional and Mental Stability. Some Bible verses he has meshed together. This is a brilliant little book for anyone willing to engage spiritual warfare and who recognises the value of speaking out God's truth in their daily life."

Author: Derek Prince
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