Spiritual Conflict

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Volume: Volume 1 (Lucifer Challenges God)
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Volume 1 (Lucifer Challenges God)

Eternity's perspective on the tragic betrayal of God's once-perfect creation - facts that give meaning to all subsequent history.

Six Part Series:

  • How Conflict Began: the Pre-Adamic Period
  • The Rebellion of Lucifer
  • Results Produced by Lucifer's Rebellion
  • The Adamic Race: Five Unique Features
  • Adam's Fall and its Results
  • Results of Adam's Fall (Continued)

Study notes included.

Volume 2 (God’s Secret Plan Unfolds)

At the Cross, Jesus exhausted the curse on the Adamic race - then rose from the grave as Head of a completely new race.

Six Part Series:

  • Jesus the Last Adam
  • The Exchange Made at the Cross
  • Jesus Tasted Death in All its Phases
  • The Cross Cancelled Satan's Claims
  • Jesus the Second Man
  • God's Purpose for the New Race

Study notes included.

Volume 3 (God’s People Triumphant)

Both God and Satan are preparing for the close of this age, Christians are challenged to play a decisive and victorious role.

Six Part Series:

  • Five Ways Christ Undoes Satan's Work
  • God's Programme for the Close of the Age - Part 1
  • God's Programme for the Close of the Age - Part 2
  • Satan's Programme for the Close of the Age
  • Restraining and Casting Down Satan
  • Spiritual Weapons: the Blood, the Word, Our Testimony

Study notes included.

Volume 4 (Strategy for Conquest)

Until Jesus returns, we have one supreme assignment, for which God has already provided all the spiritual equipment.

Four Part Series:

  • God's Word - the Spirit's Sword
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom for All Nations
  • The Power of Personal Testimony
  • Triumphant Praise Study

Notes included.

Volume 5 (Weapons That Prevail)

Christians must take the initiative in this global conflict between opposing spiritual kingdoms.

Four Part Series:

  • The Real Enemy
  • Defensive Armour
  • Weapons of Attack
  • Aggressive Prayer

Study notes included.

Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Spiritual Warfare
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Available Languages: English
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