Appointment in Jerusalem

A true story of faith, love, and the miraculous power of prayer

Be challenged by the riveting true story of Lydia Prince and her courageous quest to know God's will for her life. This led her to Jerusalem where she learned the power of prayer and experienced many miracles of provision and protection.

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Language: French
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In Lydia Prince's search for God and her life's purpose, she is led to Jerusalem where she learns the power of prayer and experiences many miracles of provision and protection.

She had an appointment in Jerusalem:

  • To rescue dozens of sick and orphaned children.
  • To experience a surprise and deepening relationship with God.
  • To meet her future husband.
  • To be caught up in the destiny of a people and a nation.

Lydia Christensen Prince made this appointment by praying, "God, if You will show me Jesus as a living reality, I will follow HIM!" With that prayer, she embarked on a lifelong relationship with God and became a living revelation of His power and mercy.

Read how Lydia rescues a dying baby girl and then miraculously survives many dangers, including gunfire, siege and barricades while enjoying God's supernatural protection, provision and healing.

Be challenged by the riveting true story of a young school teacher and her courageous quest to know God's will for her life to find your own appointment with God. Lydia tells us "There is work ready for you. God has appointed you to a certain work. So pray to God and be willing to take up whatever He would have you to be."

Discover how God can remarkably use those who trust Him!

Customer Reviews:

"Wow...this is one of those books that STAYS with you. I've read it a couple of times and could read it again. It is WELL-WRITTEN, enjoyable, true, and a powerful story of God's intervention and faithfulness in a single woman's life."

"This was a fabulous book demonstrating one person's enormous faith and to show what God can and will do through us."

"This book is a wonderful true story of how The Lord will provide when one is committed to hearing and doing the will of God. I've read this book twice and have loved it both times."

"This book is a great proof that Jerusalem is God's city, and that whatever He says will happen, it will happen!"

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